Kina’s Unique Sweets

The BEST Custom Cakes & Dessert Catering for all occasions!

The BEST Custom Cakes & Dessert Catering for all occasions!

The BEST Custom Cakes & Dessert Catering for all occasions!The BEST Custom Cakes & Dessert Catering for all occasions!

Our Story

Where the Sweetness Began


Hi! I'm Nikina, the owner of Kina's Unique Sweets! I started this home based business in 2010 in New Iberia, Louisiana, which is a small town right outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. Before I became a nurse in 2012 I had to make extra money to get through hard times and take care of my two daughters. So one day my husband asked me, "What do I like to do that can make extra money?" Then it clicked! Sweets was always on my mind as a child, so I started out with a couple of popular Cajun sweets you can't purchase in stores year around like, candied apples & pralines. Once word got around I became "The Sweet Lady" around town and that's when everything took off! I started baking and making all kinds of things! I couldn't believe my home had turned into a bakery! Once I became a nurse I enjoyed taking care of others in serious need but I knew I had a extra spark of creativity inside. I knew nursing wasn't my passion but it was definitely paying the bills. When my co-workers started becoming my customers ordering dessert table items, I knew it was a sign from God that this was my passion. I loved doing it and it made me feel good when I was doing it. Sometimes nursing took me away from my kids and baking gave me an opportunity to spend more time with them and teach them how to hustle! My husband has been my supporter, salesman, and personal promoter through it all. I love that guy! The talent for decorating birthday cakes and different desserts was always there but putting my twist on the baking side really made the love for baking even deeper! I have fell in love with fresh ingredients to spark a smile in every bite you take. If it looks good, it has to taste good right! So we strive to deliver great taste to satisfy every bite you take. 

The Big move to Texas

 In 2016, after my husband and I got married we decided to make a major move to Texas. One of the best decisions we ever made! We always wanted to experience something new so we went for it. Even though I was 6 months pregnant with our baby boy, I was determined to make it happen. We settled in Katy Texas, had our baby boy, and have been making Texas home every since. Our two daughters are loving every part of this city! With God giving us favor with everything we do there is no turning back. We are Texans for life!